Forbidden Word

Administrators can manage forbidden words for each game and language.


Forbiiden Words Features

  1. Prohibited words can be registered and deleted for each game.
  2. Prohibited words are managed by common, language, and nickname.
    1. Register common prohibited words in the “All” tab.
    2. You can also register them by selecting the language tab to distinguish by site language.
    3. Prohibited words in common and language tabs apply to the post scope.
  3. Nickname prohibitions are applied universally by language, and you can register them in the Nickname tab.
  4. If registering a single prohibited word, enter it in the singular registration field and press the Save button.
  5. If registering multiple prohibited words, refer to the guide below.
  6. You can view prohibited words registered for each game and language.
  7. To download the viewed prohibited words, press the Prohibited Words Excel Download button.


How to Register Multiple Forbidden Words

(1) Press the Original Excel Template button to download the template.

(2) Register prohibited words in column A labeled “Prohibited Words” and save.

(3) Upload the Excel file and press the Save button.


How to Delete Forbbiden Words

Press the X button next to the prohibited word in Prohibited Words Management, then press the confirm button.