When registering a push campaign, create a template that you can use in the subject field.

You can set up the campaign title rules by game or project in the format, such as date-game title-push purpose, and use them for a variety of campaigns. It’s a feature that allows you to manage campaigns more conveniently and search for campaigns more easily.


Registered title templates can be viewed in the form of a list. You can search for registered templates by entering the title of the game and the template.

Templates are divided into [My Template] and [Shared Template].

My Template is a template created by the user who is currently logged in and can only be used by the creator.

A Shared Template is a feature that can be specified by the creator or administrator and is shared with anyone who has access to the corresponding game and the template menu. A button that allows modification will be displayed for a template you created within the shared template.

Click the Register Template Button to enter the template creation page.

Creating a Title Template

It’s a page where you can write or modify details.

Select the name of the game that you want to use this title template for and enter details. The created template can only be loaded when you create a campaign for that game. The template title you entered is exposed to the list and is also used for searching.

If you check the Share Settings, the template will be registered as a shared template and users who have permission to access the corresponding game and template menu will be able to see it. If you don’t check, only you (the creator) can use the template.