Hive provides support for ad monetization services that require minimal console configuration and require few resources to implement advertisements.
Utilize Hive to generate revenue by adding advertisements into your games.

Hive Adiz

Adiz is a Hive-supported ad monetization service that simplifies the use of Admob.
By inputting the Admob information into the Hive Console, it becomes evident in the game, thereby obviating the need to manually enter the ID value in the game client.
To modify the ID, simply modify the value inputted in the console.

Admob Settings

This is the menu from which you enter Amdob information in order to use Addiz.

  • If you are using Addiz for the first time, we will walk you through the process of entering the relevant information in the correct order.
  • More ad unit IDs can be added. You can also change unneeded ad unit IDs to Disabled status or delete them.


Check Before Use


app-ads.txt is a file that is published to the developer website and contains the publisher ID, which proves that the app developer owns the app that will display adverts.
For more information, please refer to the Google guide.

  • App-ads.txt Information
  • Set Up app-ads.txt File For App