Subscription product purchase log


  • Log Name : hive_sub_purchase_log
  • The fields in the table below do not include fields that are required when creating logs or employing analytics tools.
Field Name Description Data Type
channel Channel and platform where the event occurred STRING
source Hive IAP billing module information STRING
deviceCountry Device nationality value based on ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code STRING
model Device model name sent by client STRING
vidType Hive authentication type STRING
appVer App version info STRING
market Market value at which purchase or transaction occurred STRING
hiveCountry Hive server geoip nationality, value based on ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code STRING
game Game name STRING
idpId User’s IDP (Identity Provider) identifier value STRING
osVer OS version info STRING
wasRegistTimestamp Time the log was sent after the event occurred STRING
deviceLanguage Device language, transmitted based on ISO 639-2 language code STRING
os Follow the precautions listed below while sending the platform value provided by the client.
* Transmission precautions

– A : android
– I : ios
– B : bada
– W : windows
– T : tizen
gameCountry Country value entered in country when sending logs STRING
appName Unique identifier for appId STRING
clientip Client’s IP address STRING
gameLanguage The language of the game used by the user, a value based on ISO 639-2 language code STRING
sdkVer Hive SDK version information STRING
serverip The server’s IP address STRING
timezoneId Result value of parsing timezone. If the timezone is empty in the original log or parsing fails, it is treated as KST and GMT+09:00 is entered STRING
category Log name specified during log definition STRING
geoIpCountry Country value based on user’s geographical location information STRING
grouping Game ID registered in App Center STRING
productPrice The price of the purchased product STRING
currency Currency used in purchase transaction STRING
quantity Quantity of product or item purchased INTEGER
transactionId Receipt ID of purchased product STRING
productId Product’s unique identification ID STRING