Introduction to Hive Cross-promotion

Games equipped with the Hive SDK can expose ads to each other and earn revenue based on advertisement impressions.

All ads are exposed to game users, and you get the maximum efficiency for the amount spent.

Additionally, since Hive customers execute the ads, there is no risk of inappropriate ads being exposed or appearing in unverified games.

Hive Console allows anyone to easily set up and monetize ads, enabling you to generate revenue. Participate in ad monetization through Hive Cross-promotion.


Ad monetization Process

  1. Go to Hive Console > Cross-promotion Monetization Setup > Monetization Setup > Click “Set”.
  2. It will undergo a review process when setting up monetization for the first time.
    Games that are approved in the review can expose ads.
  3. Ads that meet the conditions set in the game will be shown to users. You can restrict low-bidding ads from being exposed and configure it to expose only your company’s ads.
  4. Receive revenue based on clicks and installs and analyze monetization through reports to establish effective monetization strategies.
    If you wish to stop exposing ads, you can easily do so through the console.