What is Refund User Repayment?

If a user arbitrarily gets a refund for a product purchased through the market, this function blocks entry into the game until the same product is repaid. When a user accesses the game, the refunded product is displayed in the market of the OS to which he or she is connected and the payment is induced. The item will not be paid when users repay for a refunded product. If refund history exists in other markets, repayment must be completed by accessing the market with a device of the corresponding OS. The game can only be accessed after completing repayments for the refund history of all markets.

[Screen displayed when a user with refund history logs in]

  • Products are marked as non-payable and cannot be repaid in the following situations.
    • If a product refunded from the user is deactivated or deleted from the market
  • Refunds processed via user CS in Customer Support are not displayed in the refund history repayment.
    • Only applied to the refund history registered to the Console > Customer Support > Manage Refunds menu
  • Applied universally to every service market in the game.
    • Supported Markets
    • Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, One Store, Huawei AppGallery, Steam, PG Payment.
  • If this function is applied in-game for the first time, a forced update is required to enable all users to access the game applied with Hive SDK.
  • If the user has not logged in via market on Android OS, the game must be accessed after a market login.
  • This function only supports SDK v4.15.3, SDK v1.19.3 and C2S.19.3 or higher versions.
  • Repayment of users with refund history is supported in 16 languages ​​and is displayed in the language set in the game.
  • If the Market PID for Windows and macOS is different, and you want to repurchase a product, please register with the same Market PID name to ensure that you need to access the respective OS for repurchasing.

To use this function, go to Hive Console> App Center> Game Management> Hive Product Settings and Enable Refund User Repayment. Make your decision carefully as users with refund history will NOT be able to enter the game immediately once you “Enable” the settings. Even if you change the settings from Enable to Disable, users who have already been checked as refund users will NOT be able to access the game. In this case, please contact the person responsible for developing the Hive authentication.

Refund Repayment Inquiry

This is a page to inquire whether the refunded user has repaid. If you don’t see the menu, please check if you have the permission to the menu.

  • Menu Location: Hive Console> Billing> Search Market Cancellation/ Refund Repayment Inquiry

  1. If the game is not listed, make sure Refund User Repayment is enabled in the App Center settings.
  2. Payment and refund times are based on UTC+9 (KST). You can search in units of up to 3 months
  3. The refund history will be searched based on the user’s UID, VID and PlayerID.
  4. If a guest UID user has converted to Hive membership and the UID has changed, check the status of whether or not the user has converted to Hive membership.
    1. Not all membership conversion history is exposed, and you can only check the conversion history if there is a refund record.
    2. Guest users who have converted to Hive members can only be searched with the Hive membership UID.
  5. If repayment status is Y in the refund history, you can check the repayment receipt by clicking the refund history row.

Account Excluding Refund Repayment

It is a function to register user accounts so that even users with refund history won’t see the repayment pop-up during the set period.

  • Location of the Menu: Hive Console > Billing > Market Cancellation/Refund History > Account Excluding Refund Repayment

[List Screen]

  1. Game Title: Selects a game to see the accounts registered for that game.
  2. UID/VID/PlayerID: Enters the user identifier to search. If not entered, all accounts registered for the game will be searched.
  3. Period to Search: Searches the application period.
  4. List
    1. Accounts are searched by App ID in the game. Only the App IDs of the markets where the refund user repayment is applied are searched.
    2. Effective Period: Once the effective period ends, the repayment pop-up is exposed in the corresponding account. Refund receipt is only applied for receipts within 3 months, and for some markets, only receipts within 1 month are applied.
    3. Delete Account: Deletes accounts by App ID. If only the Apple Market account is deleted, only refunds in markets other than Apple Market are considered exceptions, so a repayment pop-up will be displayed to users with Apple Market refund history on all OSs upon access.
[Registration Screen]

When you click Register on the list screen, the registration pop-up will be displayed.
Enter a User Identifier after selecting the game and the application period. If you’d like to enter multiple items, separate them by a comma(,).