How to Use Chat Abusing Detection Feature in Hive TalkPlus


The chat abusing detection feature can be applied to services using Hive TalkPlus.

What to Prepare

How to Sync Chat Abusing Detection System

  1. To access the TalkPlus dashboard, select a game from the Hive Console > Hive TalkPlus > TalkPlus Management menu, and then go to the TalkPlus dashboard.

2. Select a game to sync from Apps on the TalkPlus dashboard.

3. Select the webhook menu for the selected game.

4. Enable the webhook function, and enter the address below in the URL. Then check the message item and click Save.

※ The content of chat abusing detection will be different depending on the application of the TalkPlus filter.

E.g.) When there is “TalkPlus” in the chat message when the “TalkPlus” is entered as a filtering word

Recognize in TalkPlus Recognize in chat abusing detection Detection Result
Block Activation (A-1) Recognize and block Not recognized as undelivered message No detection target
Activating substitution (A-2) Recognize and replace with **** **** Detection Results: Masking
Disabled (B) TalkPlus TalkPlus By the detection results

5. Use the chat abusing detection feature via Hive Console > AI Service > Chat Abusing Detection.