1. Service Introduction

XPLA GAMES Service consists of functions necessary to develop and operate *Web3 games that run on the *XPLA blockchain. A standardized API is used to give the functions, which can then be used following the features of games created by the game team. XPLA GAMES Service helps you develop Web3 games without any expertise in blockchain technology. NFTs minted by the Hive Blockchain Service can be sold in various ways and traded between users via services such as the X-PLANET Marketplace.

XPLA GAMES Service helps you develop Web3 games without any expertise in blockchain technology. This service is the most efficient way to launch and service games through the XPLA GAMES. The foundations for establishing and maintaining Web3 games on the XPLA blockchain are provided by the XPLA GAMES.

* Web3: A next-generation web that uses blockchain technology to provide content decentralization and data sovereignty for users.

* XPLA Blockchain Network: A blockchain mainnet built by the Com2uS group

Game Service Process through the XPLA GAMES

2. XPLA GAMES Participation

Beta Game Participation Application

Web3 games based on the *XPLA GAMES will be released for the first time through the *Beta Game Launcher. If you are preparing for the release of a Web3 game, please first fill out the Beta Game Participation Application on the Hive Console. You can check the progress on the Hive Console or XPLA GAMES Beta Game Launcher after the application submission.

※ How to apply: Sign up at https://platform.withhive.com/ > Enter Hive Console > Blockchain > XPLA GAMES > Beta Game Launcher > Beta Game Participation Application

Application Information

Function Description
Game Basic Information Game name, genre, development progress, expected release date, screenshots, etc.
Beta Game Launcher Information Game token information, game fan card information (fan card name, image, sales unit price, sales target quantity), beta service period, etc.
Tokenomics Convert Pool distribution method, settlement method, etc.

* XPLA GAMES: A blockchain game platform that can launch and service web3 games on the XPLA blockchain network

* Beta Game Launcher: The process of testing the game and determining whether the game will be released by user voting


Beta Game Launcher Operation

① Before launching the game, sell fan card NFTs of the upcoming game for a limited time.

② Users who purchase game fan card NFTs can play the beta version of the game. If users are satisfied with the game, they can keep the fan card NFT they purchased. If not, they can get a refund.

③ The game will be launched when the beta service period ends and the game team achieves the target quantity of fan card NFT sales. Users with game fan card NFTs can enjoy game-related bonus perks, such as obtaining tokens from released games.

④ Beta Game Launcher progress and results can be checked on the Hive Console or the XPLA GAMES Beta Game Launcher website.

※ Test plays provided by Beta Game Launcher do not contain blockchain elements.


3. Hive Sync Development

Hive Console Settings

Through the Hive Console, game teams can configure the necessary functions for Web3 games and use the blockchain service for each game. The game team’s settings are immediately reflected in the game, and the UI/UX and content of XPLA GAMES Wallet are updated in real-time. XPLA GAMES Wallet is a digital wallet that enables players to use blockchain capabilities in games (mining, converting).


① Setting Function Details


Hive SDK Application

To use the XPLA GAMES Service, you need to implement the Hive SDK into the game. – Use the Hive SDK to import item data for each user. – Users may access blockchain services such as minting, locking/unlocking, and converting by logging in to Hive in XPLA GAMES Wallet. The games that use the Hive SDK do not require any additional work. Please continue to XPLA GAMES API Use.



Provide a standardized API required for Web3 game development and operation. The provided API is configured to be applicable to all game genres, meaning it can be flexibly applied according to the characteristics of the game designed by the game team.

① Minting

Minting is a process of creating NFTs within the blockchain. In Web3 games, game items or characters can be minted. Minted NFTs will be transferred to the user’s wallet and created to become available for trade within the blockchain. The UI of XPLA GAMES Wallet changes automatically according to the minting settings made in Hive Console. You must prepare the game server to receive and send information about minting. Please apply to the game server according to the XPLA GAMES API Guide.

② Lock

Lock is an action of locking the NFT to a non-transferable state on the blockchain for the purpose of using it in the game. A separate setting is required in the game so that the locked NFT can be used in the game. Please apply to the game server according to the XPLA GAMES API Guide.

③ Unlock

Unlock is an action of unlocking the NFT being used in the game so that it can be traded and transferred through the blockchain. A separate setting is required in the game so that the unlocked NFT cannot be used in the game. Please apply to the game server according to the XPLA GAMES API Guide.

※ The NFT must be unlocked to trade and transfer the NFT.

④ Convert

This is a function to convert between Game Currency ↔︎ CTXT or Game Currency ↔︎ Game Token. The quantity of game currency must be applied in the game according to the exchanged quantity. Please apply to the game server according to the XPLA GAMES API Guide.

※ Game tokens are XPLA-based game tokens generated according to each game

⑤ Blockchain Standardization API Flow

1) Request a list of items that can be Minted, Locked, Unlocked, and Converted

2) Deliver the item information suitable for the request

3) Request Minting, Lock, Unlock, and Convert to the game server

4) Request the user to sign

5) After signing, request to apply in the blockchain and deliver the result to the game server


⑥ Check XPLA GAMES API Integration

The Hive Console provides a function to check whether the API integration has proceeded normally. To release a game with the Hive blockchain applied, the process of verifying the API integration is required. Game distribution is possible after API integration is confirmed.

4. User Page

Minting, Lock / Unlock, Convert (XPLA GAMES Wallet)

XPLA GAMES Wallet is an XPLA-based digital wallet that allows users to use blockchain features applied to games.

The game team does not need to separately develop the page provided to the user. The team needs to set the function in the Hive console and apply the standardized API to the game.

According to the information set by the game team, the screen UI of XPLA GAMES Wallet is automatically configured, and users can use blockchain services according to the settings.

NFT Trade (X-PLANET Marketplace)

X-PLANET Marketplace is a decentralized market where you can trade XPLA-based NFT items. Users can purchase and sell game NFTs by linking their XPLA-based digital wallet to the X-PLANET Marketplace. NFT items purchased on the X-PLANET Marketplace can be used in the game.