Authentication in Hive Console provides a function to search collecting data (log) through game initialization.

Initializing User Device

You can reset the installation history with the game you want to reset and the DID. If you reset, the previous installation records will be deleted, and the initial installation logs will be collected again.

Searching Login History

You can retrieve users’ login history using VID.

Manage User

You can check PlayerID’s IdP authentication information, authentication history, login release, profile information and change history.
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Register User

This is a feature to prevent users from accessing games for specific games/IDs, periods, etc., according to each company’s operating policy.
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Register Type

This is a feature to manage suspension types according to each company’s operating policy.
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Register Game Server

This is a feature to register and manage game servers to reset the rankings of permanently suspended users.
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Device Management

Device management is a service that allows users to enter the game only on registered devices.
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Overseas Login Block

The overseas login block service prevents access from countries other than those where login is allowed.
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Google Authentication and Google Play Games Authentication Separated

To comply with the Google Play Games Guide for PC and to accommodate Google’s next-generation Play ID, Google authentication and Google Play Games authentication were separated.
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