What is Hive TalkPlus?

Hive TalkPlus is a chat solution that allows you to use the chat function in games to which the Hive SDK is applied.
You don’t have to spend time and additional cost to develop your own chat server. You can use the chat service with a simple setup through the Hive console.

Benifits of Using TalkPlus

  • Unlimited access to message storage capacity and maximum concurrent users is provided.
  • It offers the essential chat function and also a variety of additional functions. You can realize various types of channels such as public/private chat and invitation chat, and you can also transfer multimedia such as videos and files through chat.
  • It provides the ability to manage users and channels through the TalkPlus Dashboard, and allows you to view chat data reports.
  • It provides AI-based chat abuse detection. It also detects abusive chats, such as spam chats and swear words which allows you to monitor chats efficiently.

Go to TalkPlus Dashboard

You can manage chat users and chat history, view daily message usage and daily active user reports from the TalkPlus Dashboard.

Manage Admin Account

You can check the admin accounts that manage TalkPlus. You can also delete unnecessary admin accounts.