Use the issued NFT contracts to conduct minting in the Blockchain > Polygon > Contract menu.

NFT Main

  • View Contract History : Select the NFT contract issued in the Contract Management menu to view the list of NFTs issued with that contract.
  • Issue NFT Button : Click the button will direct you to the page for issuing NFTs.
  • Contract Details
    • Contract Address : The address of the NFT contract used for NFT issuance.
    • Contract Name : The name of the NFT contract used for NFT issuance.
    • Game Name : The name of the game that matches the contract used for NFT issuance.
    • Transaction Hash Value : The transaction hash value generated upon issuing NFTs. You can search for this transaction hash on Polygon Scan ( to view detailed transaction information.
        • Issue Button : This button is visible only for NFTs in a draft state and not yet completed. Clicking the “Issue Contract” button will direct you to the page for issuing NFTs.
    • Token Name : The name of the Issued NFT.
    • Volume of Issue : The quantity of issued NFTs.
    • Data of Issue : This is not displayed for NFTS in a draft state.

Issue NFT

Select Contract

  • Contract : The list of NFT contract addresses issued will be displayed in the Blockchain > Polygon > Contract Management menu. Please select the NFT contract address you want to use for NFT minting.
  • Game Name : The game name selected when issuing the NFT contract. It will be displayed automatically based on the chosen NFT contract address.
  • Contract Type : NFTs will be displayed automatically.
  • Contract Symbol : The contract symbol entered when issuing the selected NFT contract will be displayed.
  • Wallet Address : The wallet address that issued the selected NFT contract.
  • Wallet Balance : The MATIC balance of the wallet address that issued the NFT contract is displayed.

Input NFT Metadata

  • NFT Metadata Table : Enter the necessary information for NFT minting. The metadata follows the Opensea market standard format.

  • Add Copy Button :Clicking this button will create a copy of the NFT metadata table with the same content.
  • Token ID : The unique ID representing the NFT. Please ensure that the token IDs are not duplicated within the same NFT contract, as minting will not be possible with duplicate token IDs. Enter a unique token ID for each NFT before minting.
  • Issuance Quantity : Enter the quantity of NFTs to mint. The maximum quantity that can be minted at once is 200.
  • Name : Enter the name of the NFT.
  • Image : The image representing the NFT.
  • Detailed Description : Enter a detailed description of the NFT.
  • External Link : The URL that links to an external website. Enter the desired URL you want to link to with the NFT.
  • Animation : The URL of the video animation to be used for the NFT. The supported file format is .mp4.
  • Background Color : The background color of the NFT. It is represented as a 6-character hexadecimal string.
  • YouTube Link : The URL of the YouTube video where the NFT can be viewed.
  • Property Value : An object array containing the property value of the NFT to be issued. You can freely add NFT property values by clicking the “Add Property Value” button.
  • Add NFT : Clicking the button will create a new NFT metadata table at the bottom.
  • Save Draft Button : Clicking the button will save the content temporarily.
  • Issue NFT Button : Clicking the button will display a wallet signature pop-up, and the NFT will be issued successfully after the signature is completed.