Get Started with Hive Analytics

Hive Analytics is a comprehensive index and analysis service that enables fast, unrestricted processing of large amounts of data for Hive platform games. You can link with the Hive platform and use the functions provided by Hive Analytics through the following step-by-step guide.


Understand Hive

You should be a member of Hive Platform to use Hive Analytics. If you haven’t signed up for Hive Platform yet, sign up first and then look through what Hive offers with the Hive Start Guide.

Most of the content in the guide below is included in the Hive Start Guide. It explains what you need to prepare to use Hive Analytics. 


Apply Hive SDK to Game

You can install Hive SDK through the Hive SDK installation guide and apply the Hive SDK to games by referring to the Hive SDK tutorial. Games with Hive SDK can collect logs without special work just by running, and based on this, basic indexes such as sales, DAU, and retention can be provided through Hive Analytics.


Sign Up for Hive Console

You can use the Hive console after signing up for the Hive platform Membership.


Register Game

Hive Analytics provides services based on games registered on the Hive platform. Register games through the Hive App Center, and register your AppID by referring to the Register AppID. You can see the registered games in Hive Analytics within approximately 2 hours after your AppID is registered.