Promotion information log

  • Log Name : hive_promotion_info
  • The fields in the table below do not include fields that are required when creating logs or employing analytics tools.
Field Name Description Data Type
promotionNo Promotion’s unique identification number INTEGER
promotionName Promotion name STRING
cpaCode CROSS Campaign Target
-1: No reward possible
0: CPI reward or CPA code value
defaultLanguage Default language STRING
state Promotional Campaign Status
0 Deleted
1 Exposed
2 Pending
3 Expired
4 Paused (Manual)
-1 Unknown
typeCamp Promotion type STRING
typeBanner Promotion banner type STRING
typeLink Promotional Link Types
webview: internal link
market: market link
none: no action
notice: Hive notice
text: text notice
webbrowser: external link
typeBid Reward Type
0: Individual reward
1: Bulk reward
contentKey Internal key STRING
useWebBanner Web banner usage status INTEGER
useEventPeriod Event period repeat status INTEGER
bidRate Reward (item, cash) rate for CPI invites, value between 0 and 1 FLOAT
targetingNo Analytics targeting connection number INTEGER
targetingReserve Selective Target Visibility
1: Exclude targeted users
0: Show only to the specified users
crossExLevel Cross promotion exposure level INTEGER
bannerExOrder Banner exposure order INTEGER
bannerExAct Banner Display Action Functions Banner Display Action Functions
NULL: Always expose
2: Don’t show on click
3: Don’t show on install
isTest Test Target Status
1: Target
0: Not targeted
isCoppa Coppa Target Status
1: Target
0: Not targeted
StartDateTimeOrigin Promotion start date and time TIMESTAMP
EndDateTimeOrigin Promotion end date and time TIMESTAMP
addDateTimeKst Registered date and time in Korean Standard Time (KST) TIMESTAMP
modDateTimeKst Modified date and time in Korean Standard Time (KST) TIMESTAMP
groupList List of ad groups mapped to the campaign STRING