Suspended Use Type is a feature that enables you to manage the suspended use type in accordance with the operational policy.

Search Suspended Use Type

You can check the suspended use type info registered using the search suspended use type.

  • If you’re an admin, you can check the CS code, reason for suspended use, restriction period and inquiries. Otherwise, you’ll only see a pop-up title and a message.

Register Suspended Use Type

You can register new suspended use type info. The new suspended use type consists of pop-up title and message.

  • Suspended Use Type
    It’s a message that’s displayed when you register suspended use and you can enter up to 200 bytes. This will not be shown to the users.
  • Registered Language
    A total of 16 languages are supported. Korean and English are required and the suspended use type will not be registered unless you register both Korean and English. Unregistered languages will be displayed in English.
  • Suspended Use Pop-up Title/ Notice Message
    You can register a pop-up title (200 bytes) and a message (400 bytes) depending on the language.

Edit Suspended Use Type

You can change the suspended use type info, including the type, registered language, pop-up title and message.

Delete Suspended Use Type

You can remove the registered suspended use type info. However, the suspended use type currently being used cannot be deleted.