UA (Game Invite) is an effective feature to attract more game users. Please check out the following process to use the feature.

UA Process

1. Develop UA

  • Develop UI for UA
  • Develop Invite Achievement Campaign and Reward
  • Develop Methods to Share the UA
  • Develop Game Intro Page

2. Register Hive UA Backoffice

  • Register an App
  • Register CPA (When using CPA)
  • Register a Promotion for the Campaign and Reward Settings

3. Implement UA

  • Implement the UA development
  • Apply Hive UA API

4. Run Tests

  • Check whether URL and QR code info for invite is normal.
  • Check whether the results such as the number of invite completion times is normal.
  • Check whether CPA logs are transferred properly.
  • Check whether rewards have been given out properly for completing the UA campaign, etc.

Develop UA

In this stage, you’ll be able to develop content of a campagin, rewards, UA UI, etc.

Category Description Hive UA Service Etc
Campaign  Set up a goal of the invite completion, rewards that will be given out for completing the invite goal, and the maximum number of rewards, etc.
  • CPI: Sends out a reward when installing and playing a game
  • CPA: Sends out a reward when completing a specific action
  • Reward Campaign per Case: Sends out a reward when a friend completes CPI or CPA
  • Goal Achievement Campaign: Sends out a reward when the number of friends who completed CPI or CPA reaches the designated number
  • CPI is completed at the moment when the user gets a vid by installing and playing the game, and a reward will be sent
  • Designate the maximum number of times to acquire rewards (Required)
  • For CPI, it is necessary to set up the level of the limit to the point which does not cause any problems while any one gets the rewards up to the maximum number of times or receive the amount of money
Sharing Methods  You need to plan which platforms to use for the sharing feature to be used in the game. Hive, Kakaotalk, Line and Facebook are the most widely used platforms. An invite URL and/or QR code are required for users to send to their friends.

SDK 4.11.2 and later supports social media sharing feature without any additional game-specific implementation. (Kakaotalk/LINE/Facebook/Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp/WeChat)

You also need to decide the message to be sent when users actually share.

  • Issue an individual invite URL
  • Issue an individual invite QR Code
  • Implement a feature where users can send the QR Code via a sharing method and a feature where users can save the QR Code image on the device (Recommended)
  • Implement a feature where users can send an invite via api, which is a basic sharing method provided by the OS (Recommended)
  • Implement a feature where users can send an invite URL via external sharing methods such as social network services (Optional – Needs to be implemented by the develop team)
UA UI UA screen needs to be developed.

A campaign and features that will send out invites are required. You can either compose campaign and invitations in one screen or in separate screens.

  1. Campaign Title, 2. Description, 3. Image,
  2. No. of currently completed invites, 5. Max no. of invites (goal)

(Refer to the campaign example below)

The campaign title, description, and image are optional and can be implemented directly in the game.

Person in Charge: Develop team or a person in charge of business

[Campaign Image Example – Chain Strike]


Information Page

UA collects IP addresses to track users. However, users won’t be able to collect rewards if they change the network settings from IP to LTE or from LTE to IP while downloading the app or before being moved to the market after clicking the invitation link. Thus, an Information Page that informs users when they click the invitation link needs to be exposed.

The information page will be shown to Android & iOS users and you can set this function at Console>Promotion> App Settings> UA Settings Tab. Please check the App Settings category for more info.

[Example of an Information Page]


UA Campaign Registration

Before registering the UA Campaign, the following needs to registered in UA Settings and CPA Settings of the App Settings Menu first.

App Settings

Let’s briefly go though the pre-works for UA Campaign Registration. Please refer to App Settings  for more details on other app settings.

First, you need to register an app at App Settings for a new game. The game will be registered only once regardless of market types, and you can edit the registered game info by clicking the game management name, which will show an editing page. At Basic Settings, game name and the direction of the game are the requirements and you can fill in the rest later. In order to use the UA, you need to select an app ID and enter Download URL at APP ID Settings.

  1. Enter the Referer URL at Basic Settings
    • You can use the smart URL for iOS and Chinese Android URL. For Andorid, enter a market exclusive URL in Download URL (Referer) box. (ex. Market://details?id…)
    • If there’s an OS that’s not in service, enter “ “ in the corresponding Download URL box, so that users can see the page is unavailable.
  2. Save Basic Settings and move to CPA Settings to issue a CPA Code. Share the issued CPA Code to the game develop team so that it can be developed.
  3. Move to UA Campaign Settings Menu once you’re done with the pre-work from the App Settings.

UA Campaign Settings

1. Campaign List

Select a game and click “Registration” Button to register a new promotion or click a Promotion Management Name to modify the existing promotion.


2. Registration and Modification

Enter the details and click “Save”.


  • Selecting a Type
    • Invite Game Friend: It’s a promotion used for inviting friends to the game.
    • Link to send rewards: It’s a promotion that gives out rewards to users who clicked on issued URL and installed the game. (Used for pre-registration, etc.)
  • Exposed text Basic Language
    • Select a language you’d like to expose by default when you set the exposed text for the campaign. Select “Don’t Use” for the games that don’t have any text to expose.
  • Individual Achievement Campaign
      • It’s a campaign that gives out rewards each time a friend achieves a campaign. You can arrange multiple campaigns with the “Add Campaign” Button and please note that the campaign won’t work if you delete the campaign that’s used for the service.
      • Select a Campaign: Compose campaigns by selecting CPI or registered CPA. CPIs must be selected even if there’s no reward since it is a method to check the gameplay after installing the game for the first time.
      • You can select multiple user invite rewards. Select a reward to give and enter the amount in number in the input box. (Ex. 1 Item will be given when you enter 1.)
      • You can restrict the MAX number of rewards an invite user can receive by entering a number in the reward limit.
      • Exposed texts aren’t required if you were to implement them in the game directly. You can choose to enter info only for the categories you want, including title, details, and image. However, you must enter one of the 3 for the language you set as a basic language.
      • Reset: If you exceed the maximum number of friends you can be compensated for, no additional compensation will be given. In this case, you can use the reset function to reset the compensation count. The reset function will be applied on a campaign basis and not user basis.
        For example, let’s say you want to reset a campaign with 30 compensation count limit. Once the count resets, the number of target friends will become 0 for both a user who achieved 30 compensation count limit and a user who achieved 10 compensation count. Therefore, both users can re-invite friends to receive compensation.
        Even if you reset the compensation count, existing invitation information can be viewed through the log search menu.
  • [Backoffice – Exposed Text Settings]                    [Exposed Text Example]

  • Goal Achievement Campaign
    • It’s a campaign that gives rewards when you reach the goal for the number of friends that achieved the campaign. You can compose multiple campaigns by clicking the “Add Campaign” Button.

    • Select a Campaign: You can select multiple campaigns for Goal Achievement Campaign. Use “+/-“ Button to add or delete campaigns.
    • Goal Number: Enter the number of users to accept the invite for campaign achievement.
    • Reward Amount Limit: Enter the MAX number of rewards that the invite user can receive

Deferred Deeplink

Deferred deep linking runs the game for users who have already installed the app, and directs users who do not have the app to their respective stores.
To use the deferred deep link, use SHA256 as input for Google and TeamID as input for Apple. This feature is available on Hive SDK 4.15.8 or later.
1. Click Promotion > App Settings. Select a game from the list.

2. Moving to the UA settings tab. Please select Use in the deferred deep link use settings.

3. In the Default Settings tab, enter the SHA256 (Android) or TeamID (iOS) of the appid to use the deferred deep link.
The TeamID for iOS can be found in the Apple Developer console as follows.

If the market is Google, enter SHA256. For SHA256, enter the value of SHA certificate fingerprints.
If your market is Apple, enter your TeamID. For TeamID, simply enter the App ID Prefix value.

UA Campaign Cautions and Notice

  1. You can only activate 1 promotion for each game regarding promotions that invite game friends. Please note that promotions that are inactive will not work.
  2. URL Promotions that distribute rewards can be used for pre-registration, etc., and rewards will be given when the user installs and runs the game via the game download URL.
  3. Invite URL and a QR Code will be issued when you select URL Promotions that distribute rewards and save.
  4. Providing rewards to the user that accepts the game invite (invited user) may cause iOS to reject the game when inviting game friends.
  5. For URL Promotions that distribute rewards, you don’t have to set the rewards for users who invite, and you only have to set up the rewards for users who accept the invite. Promotion for Compensation Payment does not need to set invitation user compensation but only accept user compensation.

UA Matching Registration

When UA matching fails, you can directly match by entering the information of the invited user and accepted user.
Click on the Promotion-> UA Matching Registration.

1.Enter the info of the Invited User and Accepted User. VID, PlayerID and DID are required.

2. If you search, the log details confirmed by the device identification value (advertising ID/IMEI/IP+OS version) of the accepted user are exposed. You can check the specifics with log details related to UA matching.
Ex) Check the download history installed with the same IP+OS version → Matching failed due to duplicate installation

3. If you click the UA Matching Button, you can directly match the entered invited user with the accepted user.

UA Campaign Statistics

You can check the log and statistics about the UA participants.

Search UA Log

You can search details about the UA participants.
Click on the Promotion-> UA Log.

1. Enter the info of the inviter or invitee. Hive ID, VID, PlayerID and DID are required.
2. Installation history based on the DID. Results won’t be searched unless you enter the DID in the search field.
3. Reward history based on the DID. Results won’t be searched unless you enter the DID in the search field.
4. Match history based on the Hive ID, VID and PlayerID. You can check the info of both sides when the inviter and the invitee are properly matched.
5. Reward history based on the Hive ID, VID and PlayerID. You can check the inviter’s log when the reward is given properly.

UA Statistics

Daily Index Details

You can check the statistics about the UA Statistics.
Click on the Promotion-> UA Matching Registration.

1. Enter the game title, country and date.
2. You can check the detailed index of the campaign by date.

  • Click: The no. of people that clicked the UA invitation link.
  • Matching: The matching will be completed once the VID is created after the invitee installs and runs the game. If you filter by country, results will be shown based on the invitee.
  • Reward: The no. of inviters who received rewards as the CPI or CPA is completed.
  • CPI: Status where only the device matching is completed because an invitee installed and ran the game but ended the game before the VID is created.
  1. You can download the searched info as excel. Once downloaded, you can check results on all countries.

  1. It’s a cumulative index about the entire period since the campaign creation. Cumulative data up to the day before will be searched.


Inflow Path Indicator

You can check the route how the invitee clicked on the UA invitation link by date.

1. The route can be distinguished into Kakao, LINE, Facebook (FB Messenger included) and WeChat. Invitees accessed via other routes will be distinguished as others and you can also check the corresponding cumulative data.
2. Other messenger inflow indexes are introduced when using the UA sharing pop-up provided by Hive among games applied with individual modules, SDK v1 1.18.2 and SDK v4 4.14.3.

  1. The ETC index is a cumulative inflow index that cannot be identified as other messenger index.