Crossplay Launcher installs the PC version of Hive mobile games on PC and enables it to update and run.

Crossplay Launcher

The following flowcharts show how Crossplay Launcher is installed until the game has run:

  • Flowchart
  • Running on Windows
Install Crossplay Launcher
  1. In the > Game menu, select a game you want to download.
  2. Click Play Game > Play on PC.
  3. Click Download Installation File in the If the Crossplay Launcher is not installed, click the button below to download the file and install the player manually. window to download the installation package of Crossplay Launcher.
  4. Run the downloaded installation file to install the game. On Windows, install Crossplay Launcher through an installation package, and then run it.
  5. Exit the installation wizard and load the launcher.
  6. After running the Crossplay Launcher, check whether the game is installed. If the game is not installed, look up the latest released version of the game and install it. If the screen below is not displayed, go back to the corresponding game page on and click Play on PC again.
  7. Set the installation folder path.
  8. Install Game.


Update Game

Update the game in order of the version from older to newer if not the latest version of the game installed on PC. For example, if v1 is currently installed and the latest version is v3, the game update proceeds from v1 to v2 and then from v2 to v3, not from v1 to v3 directly.

The necessity of game update is considered that only checking if the current game version recorded on a game settings file in local is the latest or not, and the changes exclude as the check item.

Once the game is installed, the shortcut file created on your Windows desktop screen will not change even after you update the game. If you want to change the icon image of the shortcut, you need to uninstall and re-install the game. If you want to change the file name of the shortcut, go to App Center > Game List and search your game and click it, and go to Icons and languages to modifty the file name, uninstall the game and re-install it.

Run Game

Once the game is installed, you can launch it by clicking on the game shortcut in Windows. If there is no shortcut, click Play Game > Play on PC on the corresponding game page on If a browser notification prompts you to run Crossplay Updater, click Open Crossplay Updater.

Game Settings File

The game settings file is named hive_game_{GAME_NAME}.info (e.g.,,, and see the below to check the file’s path and the included contents in the settings file:

  • The game settings file’s path
    • Windows: C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\HIVE_Launcher\installedInfo
  • Included contents
    • Game appid
    • Current game version
    • Whether completed installation
    • Installation path
    • Game name
    • info file’s path

Error code

When errors occur, the error message will display as shown below:

For details about error codes, see the Error code guide.


Run Crossplay Launcher installation file from your self-hosted website

This guide is for running PC games on Windows using the Crossplay Launcher on a website created by your game studio. Check the Crossplay launcher installation flow and check the following conditions on the website to service the game. If the conditions are not satisfied, the error notification pop-ups should be displayed to the user.

  • The minimum supported OS version: Windows 10 or later
  • The AppID: Checking whether or not the AppID corresponds to the OS
  • The installation of Crossplay Launcher
    • It is necessary to check if the Crossplay Launcher is installed in order to install and run the game with one button.
      • Crossplay Launcher not installed: Offer the download for the installation file
      • Crossplay Launcher installed: Run Crossplay Launcher and transfer the game information
When Crossplay Launcher is not installed

If the Crossplay Launcher is not installed on the user‘s PC when the game user clicks the game launch button on the game service site, you have to implement the solutions inducing the installation of the Crossplay Launcher or delivering an error message. First, here is the JavaScript code that calls a custom scheme on the web to install the Crossplay Launcher on the user‘s PC.



When calling a custom scheme (Example: hivelauncher:? that runs the Crossplay Launcher on the web, here’s the JavaScript code that runs the launcher if it has been already installed or handles the situation if it’s not been installed.


Install Crossplay Launcher and Game All At Once

Since the game is installed and run using the Crossplay Launcher, you should implement to first install the Crossplay Launcher.

  1. Install Crossplay Launcher: Given that the CrossPlay Launcher was not installed on the user‘s PC, connect to the CrossPlay Launcher installation file download button. The below is an example of linking to the “Download installation file” button.
  2. Install Game: Go to the Hive Console AppCenter > AppID Management > AppID List > Basic Info > Crossplay Info and develop your codes to copy the Game Auto Installation URI onto the user‘s PC clipboard. After installing the Crossplay Launcher, the URI copied to the clipboard is used to install the game on the user‘s PC when running the Crossplay Launcher.

When distributing your game through a customized page in a sandbox environment, here’s how to create the Game Auto Installation URI. For example, if the Game Auto Installation URI in AppCenter is “hivelauncher:?″

  1. add the sandbox environment variable envi to the URI as a query string as follows.
    • hivelauncher:?
  2. Add the sha1 hashed value (lowercase) of the modified URI to the location after inserting a space. Then this URI can be used for distribution in a sandbox environment.
    • hivelauncher:? f3a426e2a65d6e0f6b61129905f15a2209b9746e
Running Game with Crossplay Launcher Installed
  1. Go to the Hive Console AppCenter > AppID Management > AppID List > Basic Info > Crossplay Info, and copy and link the Game Launch URI to the game play button. The below is an example linked to the “Play on PC” button.
  2. Due to the difference between JAVA‘s URLEncoder.encode() and JavaScript‘s encodeURIComponent(), replaceAll(“\\+”, “%20”) is additionally required when processing in JAVA.

In a sandbox environment, you must add the environment (envi) to the Game Launch URI obtained from AppCenter as shown below. It is added in query string format as below, and you don’t need to add it for the commercial environment.

  • hivelauncher:?

Game upload

To install and update a game through Crossplay Launcher on a user‘s PC, you need to upload your game data to the server in advance. For details about uploading the game data, see the Crossplay Launcher Tool guide.



About Game
  • The meta.json file needs to locate in the top-level path of the game and include the relative paths of a game shortcut’s icon file(.ico) and a game executable(.exe). Refer to the Create a game icon file guide to create a game icon file in advance. (The shortcut file is used on Windows only so that games for Mac can omit the icon field.)
    • Example of meta.json
      Refer to the [Crossplay Launcher Tool] guide. (Link: 3. HIVE_Launcher_Uploader > Example of application > step 1)
    • Delete files
      The table below explains the delete parameter that deletes files additionally when removing a game.

      Type CSIDL
      (when each user’s path is different)
      general registrykey
      Structure of path CSIDL value + rest of the path path root + rest of the path
      Examples In destination path(C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming), C:\Users\username\AppData\Local becomes 0x1C/../Roaming as it is a common path of CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA. The destination path(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Com2uS\regkey) consists of root HKEY_CURRENT_USER(0x80000001) and the rest of the path SOFTWARE\\Com2uS\\regkey.

      Note: The registry key to get rid of must not have subkeys.

      [Reference guides]

  • The game shortcut generates on the user‘s PC after installing the game. After then, the game shortcut is unable to change through game updates.
  • Unsupported when the game includes an empty folder. (Empty folder is unsupported.)
  • When you are developing your game, it is recommended to implement the function to avoid the duplication running of a game to run one game on one PC.
  • The path to the game installation
    • If the path to the Crossplay Launcher installation includes the # or ; character, Crossplay Launcher does not expose the screen successfully or displays a file index screen.
    • If the path to the game installation installed via Crossplay Launcher includes the # or ; character, the game displays a file index screen on the game screen or exposes the game screen only; because of not displaying the UI of the Hive SDK Windows as expected.
    • The name of in-game folders also must not include the # or ; character.
  • After uploading a game build for the first time and if you want to upload the next version of your game build, the previous game build should be in “Distributing” status at Hive Console > Crossplay Launcher > Game management > Download Setting.
Checking Review State (Required)

Refer to the Crossplay Launcher Tool guide(Crossplay Launcher Uploader > Example > step 5).
Check the file deletion(delete) executes as expected.


Create a game icon file

Your game‘s shortcut is created on the user‘s PC and start menu after installing the game through Crossplay Launcher. This section describes how to create a game icon file for the shortcut by using ICO CONVERT.

  1. Prepare an image file that you are using. (File format: PNG, JPG, or BMP)
  2. Go to the ICO CONVERT (
  3. Click Choose File to select an image file you prepared, then click Upload.
  4. Choose the size you want to create. (16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64, 128 x 128, 256 x 256)
  5. Click Convert ICO, and download the icon file by clicking Download your icon(s).