Hive provides a full banner to

  • Expose events effectively to game users
  • Encourage users for more participation in games
  • Utilize as cross-promotions to advertise other games and give reward

The banner defined by Hive means a Promotion view composed of a single image without letters. If the user clicks the banner, it take the user to the detail page, the external page, or the download page of the game being advertised according to the contents configured in the Hive console. We recommend you to expose Full banner, which displays the banner image in full screen, when user enter the game lobby after login.

Registering a Full Banner on Hive Console

Design the banner image according to the horizontal and vertical mode as follows, and register it on the Hive console.  For more information about banner registration, see Guide for Hive Console Promotion.

  • Image size of a promotion banner
    • Transverse mode: 450×800 px
    • Longitudinal mode: 800×450 px
  • For the games that use crossplay, please use 1280×720 images.

Displaying Full Banners

  • An example of a full banner

To display a full banner, call showPromotion() method from Promotion class with PromotionType.BANNER parameter. From Hive SDK v4.12.1, PromotionType.BANNER displays web-type banner, and other parameters display image view-type banner. When you call PromotionType.BANNERLEGACY, webview-type banner is displayed as usual.

When displaying a full banner with PromotionType.BANNER parameter, the image saved on in-app storage is exposed. This image is asynchronously cached when initializing Hive SDK. If full banner is displayed while download is incomplete or failed, its display is skipped.

Followings are sample codes to display a full banner.


API Reference: hive.Promotion.showPromotion


API Reference: Promotion::showPromotion


API Reference: Promotion.showPromotion


API Reference: com.hive.Promotion.showPromotion


API Reference: PromotionInterface.showPromotion


API Reference: HIVEPromotion::showPromotion