Offerwall is a service to provide opportunities for users to download and play diverse games linked to Hive. Through advertisement among games, Hive offers available game list on the offerwall. It informs rewards which user can receive when the player select a game on the offerwall with rewards and install the game. If the user downloads and installs the game, Hive rewards the user for the game that displayed the offerwall.

Only offerwall without rewards is provided on iOS devices in accordance with store policy.

  • Offerwall with rewards

  • Offerwall without rewards

Registering Offerwall

You can create offerwall on Hive Console. For more information, see Hive Console Promotion.

Checking Offerwall Service

The game  (in game store, game lobby, etc.) must also provide a button or icon to access the offerwall, even though offerwall is shown up on news page.  However, in some games, you may not provide  Offerwall, or you may need to temporarily block access to the offerwall. In this case, you need to deactivate offerwall button or icon. To check whether offerwall can be provided or not, call getOfferwallState() method in the Promotion class.

Followings are sample codes to confirm whether you can provide offerwall button or not.


API Reference: hive.Promotion.getOfferwallState


API Reference: Promotion::getOfferwallState


API Reference: Promotion.offerwallState


API Reference: Promotion.INSTANCE.getOfferwallState


API Reference: PromotionInterface.getOfferwallState


API Reference: HIVEPromotion:getOfferwallState

Displaying Offerwall Button

Once you have verified that the offerwall is available, display the button to move to the offerwall.

  • An example of offerwall button with rewards on in-game shop
  • An example of offerwall button without rewards on game title
Button text

Offerwall title for each language is as follows:
Make sure to input the virtual currency of each game in [VC], for offerwall title with rewards only.

Language Offerwall title with rewards Offerwall title without rewards
Korean 무료 [VC] 받기 추천 게임
English Get Free [VC] Suggested
Japanese 無料[VC]ゲット おすすめゲーム
Chinese (Simplified) 免费接受[VC] 游戏推荐
Chinese (Traditional) 免費接收[VC] 遊戲推薦
French Recevoir gratuitement [VC] Recommandé
German [VC] gratis erhalten Empfohlen
Russian Получить бесплатно [VC] Рекомендуем
Spain Obtener [VC] gratis Sugerido
Portuguese Obtenha [VC] grátis Sugerido
Indonesian Ambil [VC] Gratis Disarankan
Malay Terima [VC] Percuma Disyorkan
Vietnamese Nhận [VC] Miễn Phí Đề Xuất
Thai รับ [VC] ฟรี แนะนำ
Italian [VC] gratis! Consigliato
Turkish Ücretsiz [VC] Alın Önerilen
Arabic أحصل على [VC] مجانا مقترح

Displaying Offerwall View

To display offerwall view in game, call showOfferwall() method in the Promotion class..

Followings are sample codes to display offerwall view.


API Reference: hive.Promotion.showOfferwall


API Reference: Promotion::showOfferwall


API Reference: Promotion.showOfferwall


API Reference: Promotion.INSTANCE.showOfferwall


API Reference: PromotionInterface .showOfferwall


API Reference: HIVEPromotion showOfferwall