AI Service

The Hive platform offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) utilizing AI technology. The AI service will integrate AI technology into corporate processes to assist in achieving faster and more precise business results and offer fresh perspectives on relevant and unexplored issues through segmented analysis.


Chat Abusing Detection System

It is a monitoring service that finds spam, vulgar language, and plastering in chat messages. The efficiency and accuracy of monitoring duties can be increased by using NLP-based data monitoring. It serves 16 different languages and produces more accurate results by processing chats in a single batch over a set period of time.

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Community Monitoring

Community Monitoring System provides the Keyword Monitoring System, which monitors focusing on the keywords of texts registered to the community, and Post Monitoring System, which monitors focusing on the post title and comments. These monitoring systems enhance the efficiency of community monitoring tasks.

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Hive Community Analysis

Collect and analyze text data from Hive Community users’ posts and comments, providing statistics and analytical indicators for you to understand users’ feedback and in-game issues easily.

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