Register Suspended Game Server

This is a feature to register and manage game servers to reset the rankings of permanently suspended users. You do not need to register if you do not use Suspended Ranking Reset.

Suspended Ranking Reset is a feature to send a list of suspended users in order to reset the rankings of users who have been permanently suspended from the game. To use this feature, the game must be developed using the Suspended Ranking Reset API.

Please check if you have access to the menu if the menu is not seen.

  • Menu Location: Hive Console > Authentication > Suspend > Register Game Server
  • The details that can be processed in ‘the Register Suspended Game Server menu’ are as follows.

  • Search Game Server: Check game name, game index, registered URL, administrator name, and registration date.
  • Register Game Server: Register only one URL per game, and if there are any issues with the registered URL, such as firewall problems, it may not be registered correctly.
  • Change Game Server: Modify the URL of a registered game server.
  • Delete Game Server: Delete the URL of a registered game server.