This function is deprecated. Now, you can use the Log Definition to define and send logs for games. See the guides below.


Common Server /
Test Server service_metrics_test-custom_log

Log Specification

Field Name (Main) Field Name (Sub) Description Type Required
category game title_custom_log
(Game title is the same with the value of game field)
String Y
guid Key value of a log
It is recommended to use random string such as uuid library
string Y
dateTime The time of log stack with YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS format
It is the same with the value of date field, based on KST
string Y
log The data which stack on the log table (unit: row) json Y
date The time storing log
Format: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss
e.g., 2012-01-19 16:24:00
string Y
type Custom log type which created data mapping with data table varchar Y
client_ip Client IP. This value extracts the value of country varchar N
server_id Server Code
Refer to Table of Server Code to input server code (JSON Input Code)
varchar N
app_id AppID which HIVE uses
varchar Y
guid Unique key generated per log
Random format such as uuid is recommended
varchar(64) N
(Add the following field to the appropriate table)
meta The data which update the duplicate keys json array Y
type Custom log type which created data mapping with metatable varchar Y
channel Login channel

  • C2S: HIVE
  • KAK: Kakao Talk
  • WEI: Weibo
  • varchar Y
    game Use the brand name of game (e.g., derbydays)
    The third item of app_id
    e.g., => littlelegends
    varchar Y
    id Metadata ID varchar Y
    name Metadata name varchar Y

    Log Sample