In a game, when a user achieves the CPA registered in the HIVE Promotion Console (HIVE Console > Promotion), you can send the information to HIVE to pay reward to the user. Please call from the game server to the promotion server for the CPA achievement notification.

  • Request URL
    Common URL
    Sandbox URL
    HTTP Method POST
    Content-Type text/html
    Data Format JSON
  • Header
    Field Name Description Type Required
    Authorization CertificationKey valid through Bearer Authorization String N
  • Request
    Field Name Description Type Required
    appid App ID of the game that achieved CPA String Y
    vid or uid Required to use one, vid or uid
    – vid: Player ID when using Authentication v4. VID when using Authentication v1
    – uid: User ID managed by platform such as HIVE ID and Kakao App Center ID
    String Y
    server_id The value to distinguish the server of game users String Y
    cpa_code CPA code in progress (Required to check with UA Operation PIC) String Y
    cpa_date CPA achievement time, Korea Standard Time (KST) (Default: API-implementing time) String N
  • Response
    Field Name Description Type
    result_code The result of request. 0=Success Integer
    result_msg Result message String
  • Sample Code
    • Call
    • Request
    • Response