Web Login Verification v2

This API verifies the login information after login. It returns idp_user_id as one of the response values.

  • Request URL
    Commercial Server URL https://weblogin.withhive.com/idp_info_v2
    Sandbox URL https://sandbox-weblogin.withhive.com/idp_info_v2
  • Request Header
    HTTP Method POST
    Content-Type application/json
  • Request Body
    Field Name Type Description Required
    state string

    The state is the token value obtained in the response of Web Login v2.

  • Request Example
  • Response Body

    Returns a code that shows whether the verification was successful or not, and the IdP information.

    Field Name Description Type Required
    code the result code for verification success int Y
    appid Application ID string Y
    idp_index the IdP type (hive:1, facebook: 2, google: 3, apple: 9) int Y
    idp_user_id Account Token (uid) passed from IdP string Y


    code Description
    100 Success
    2021 In the case of a user who has not completed IdP authentication or the user’s session has expired
  • Response Sample