The game server can get the data about keys for custom authentication. Game implements this API directly to search the lists server to server.
Successful Response outputs custom auth key.

  • Request URL
    Common URL
    Sandbox URL
    HTTP Method Post
    Content-Type application/json
    Data Format JSON
  • Request Header
    Field Name Description Required
    ISCRYPT Encrypted data, 0=Not encrypted Y
  • Request Body
    Field Name Description Required
    appid App ID Y
    idp_id IdP identifier Y
    idp_user_id User ID provided by IdP Y
    auth_type Use of custom authentication key
    SIGNINIDP: New IdP sync and authentication
    CONNECT: Synced the IdP with the PlayerId
    hive_certification_key Certification key issued by AppCenter Y
    player_id the PlayerId of a user N (the player_id is required when this API is requested with auth_type parameter being set to CONNECT)
  • Response Body
    Field Name Description Type
    result_code Result code Integer
    result_msg Result message String
    custom_auth_key Custom auth key String
  • Request Sample
  • Response Sample
  • Error Code
    Value Description
    0 Success
    1005 Unsupported auth_type
    4200 Unsupported IdP