Common Server service_metrics-game_content_log
Test Server service_metrics_test-game_content_log

Log Specification

Field Name Description Type Required
date The time storing log
Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
e.g., 2012-01-19 16:24:00
string Y
timezone UTC offset of time parameter in the log (no space)
e.g., “UTC+10:30”
string Y
channel C2S: HIVE, KAK: Kakao Talk, LIN: LINE, WEI: Weibo string(3) Y
channel_uid User identifier on login channel (Generally bigint is in use, but some channels may use string type)
Send 0 if the information is unknown such as LINE
string(64) Y
game Use the brand name of game (e.g., derbydays). The third item of app_id
e.g., => littlelegends
string(50) Y
server_id Server code
Refer to Table of Server Code to input server code (JSON Enter Code)
string Y
server_uid User identifier used in game server.
User identifier is unknown if user does not sign in, so set the identifier as 0
bigint Y
type The identifier of documents string Y
content It saves the content of log dynamically by game hashmap (json) Y
client_ip Client IP. This value extracts the value of country from GeoIP string(32) Y
server_ip Server IP string(32) Y

Log Sample