HIVE Analytics supports diverse types of log. If you learn how to send logs, the next step is to select the log to send.
For example, if you decide to send the purchase log, code the sending part of purchase log and add at the end of purchase process logic on game server.
Make sure to discuss with BI Planning Team of Com2uS and Com2uS Holdings to select logs to collect.

Common Specification

All logs have the common items; server code and locale code. See HIVE Identifier Policy to indicate the code.

How to Indicate Analytics Server

Server code is a game server identifier by game developing company. To indicate the server, input the relevant server code in server_id field of the log.

Additional server code is displayed as Server Code-N. N means number which identifies each server when the same types of server are numerous. If you run your games with a single server, use GLOBAL as a server code. Additional servers configure their code as GLOBAL-2, GLOBAL-3 in order.

Refer to the table below to check how to indicate servers and available number of server to add.

Server Server Location Code JSON Input Code DB Input Code
QA Server QA QA ~ QA-3 11–13
Alpha Server ALPHA ALPHA ~ ALPHA-3 14 –16
Beta Server BETA BETA ~ BETA-3 17–19
Global GLOBAL GLOBAL ~ GLOBAL-10 21–30
Europe EU EU ~ EU-10 31–40
Southeast Asia SEA SEA ~ SEA-10 41–50
Japan JP JP ~ JP-10 51–60
China CN CN ~ CN-10 61–70
Korea KR KR ~ KR-10 71–80
United States US US ~ US-10 81–90
360 Market 360 360–360-10 91–100
Baidu Market BAIDU BAIDU ~ BAIDU-10 101-110

Specification by Log

HIVE Analytics provides log specification as follows:

Latest Update Log Name Required Target

◎ Essential Log
19.05.28 Login Log All games login
19.05.28 New Player Log All games new_user
19.05.28 Purchase log All games purchase
19.05.28 Score Log v2 All games score2
19.05.28 Asset Variation Log v2 All games asset_var
CCU Log API Concurrent users log in all games is provided as API
◎ Optional Log
19.05.28 Character Login Log Character-based games character-login
19.05.28 Character Creation Log Character-based games character-creation
19.05.28 Asset Summary Log by Currency Snapshot of daily asset summary on game server (Com2uS Holdings) asset-snapshot-summary
19.05.28 Custom Log Customized log by game (Com2uS) [custom-log]
Asset·Score Log and Metadata Games with difficulties to send name common_meta
◎ Exclusive Log
19.05.28 Score Log Replaced with Score Log v2 score
19.05.28 Asset Variation Log Replaced with Asset Variation Log v2 cash_var
◎ Old Version Log
Play Log Replaced with Score Log play_log
Invitation Log Replaced with Inviatation Log v2 inviatation
Additional Download Completion Log All games file-download-complete
Visit Log Games with visiting function service_metrics-visit
Game Contents Log Games to indicate total GMS game-content
Invitation Log v2 Games with invitation functions through diverse social media and channels invitation2
Help Request/Acceptance Log Games with help request/acceptance function help_request
CCU Log Essential for server part
For search in the server part
Optional for those using CCU Log API
Secession Log Kakao games withdraw
Transition Log with Hub Guest Hub-applied games guest-transition
File Download Log Games with additional download (Com2uS Server Team only)
Utilize if needed
◎ Sending Log Definition of Analytics v2
18.04.12 Log Definition When using HIVE Analytics v2 ha2