It is a function to visit other users in games, so this log helps you check how many times the users of your game visits their friends’ village.


  • Scribe / FTP type
    Common Server service_metrics-visit_log
    Test Server service_metrics_test-visit_log

Log Specification

Field Name Description Type Required
date The time storing log, Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
e.g., 2012-01-19 16:24:00
string Y
timezone UTC offset of time parameter in the log
e.g., “UTC+10:30”
string Y
game Use the brand name of game (e.g., derbydays). The third item of app_id
e.g., => littlelegends
string (50) Y
channel C2S: HIVE, KAK: Kakao Talk, LIN: LINE, WEI: Weibo string (3) Y
user_id User identifier used with the configured channel field
C2S: vid
KAK: User identifier issued by App Center
LIN: User identifier issued by App Center
WEI: Weibo
bigint Y
country Get the country code directly if you cannot receive client_ip. e.g., KR string(2) N
lang Language code of user
Format: ISO 639-2 alpha-3
e.g., “KOR”
string (3) Y
market Market information
“TS”: SKT Tstore
“OL”: KT OllehMarket
“OZ”: LGU+ OzStore
“AP”: Apple Appstore
“GO”: Google Play
“SA”: Samsung Apps
“LE”: Com2us Lebi
“MM”: ChinaMobile MobileMarket
“SN”: Sina WeiboPoint
“36”: Qihu 360Point
“MO”: Momo MomoPoint
“DN”: DeNA MobagePoint
“NA”: NaverAppStore
“AM”: Amazon
“ON”: OneStore
string (2) Y
level The level of user in the game (The highest level if character is many) int Y
visit_user_id The user identifier of the channel bigint Y
visit_map_type The identifier of maps which game provides
If the game has one map only, set the identifier as 1
Sends each code separately if the game has multiple maps such as Tiny Farm.
int Y
client_ip Client IP. This value extracts the value of country from GeoIP string (32) Y
server_ip Server IP string (32) Y
company Game publishing company, the target of log:
e.g., “C2S”: Com2uS, “GVI”: Com2uS Holdings
string (3) Y
server_id Server Code
Refer to Table of Server Code to input server code (JSON Input Code)
string Y

Log Sample

How to use

  • Visit log shows how many times the users of your game visits their friends’ village.
  • Friends visit user: count(distinct user_id), The number of visits: count(*), The number of users to visit: count(distinct visit_user_id)