Push System API

HIVE Push system sends pushes by using APIs. The system utilizes push services such as APNS, FCM, ADM and Facebook from each market. Following image describes how request data is transmitted to the service.

Push system manages to search suitable token data for payload composition, and transfers the data to each service. Sending push messages to devices is what each service does. In brief, Push system just traces whether the calling process of the service is succeeded, and analyzing the cause of unreceived device is not supported.


Server URL
Production https://notification.withhive.com
Sandbox https://sandbox-notification.withhive.com
Test https://test-notification.withhive.com


To implement the API which HIVE Push system provides, authorization token (API KEY) is required. Authorization token, which follows JWT (JSON Web Token: https://jwt.io) specification, doesn’t limit the expiry time, so it is available to keep using this token. After registering the game in AppCenter, authorization token is automatically created. Go to the Operation > AppCenter > Game Management > 1. Basic Information for details.