Game server is available to initialize the permanently-suspended users’ game ranking by using this game API in common.
If one of suspended user is registered to the permanent restriction list, call this API. The API contains the list-type PlayerID of permanently suspended users to Request for ranking initialization. Response is coming after the request; if the game server receives the request, the value of result_code is 0 (success) even ranking initialization is failed. When ranking initialization is failed, the list-type PlayerID is transmitted to ​fail_player_id_list​ field.

  • Request URL
    Common URL Sent by game server
    Test URL Sent by game server
    HTTP Method Post
    Content-Type application/json
    Data Format JSON
  • Request Body
    Field Name Description Type Required
    player_id_list The list of PlayerID permanently suspended List Y
  • Response Body
    Field Name Description Type Value
    result_code Result code See more Integer 0
    fail_player_id_list The list of PlayerID failed to initialize user ranking List
  • Request JSON Sample
  • Response JSON Sample
  • Error Code
    Value Description
    0 Success
    4000 Invalid parameter
    4001 Request JSON error
    5000 DB error
    9999 Unknown error