Transmitting Item Delivery Result sends the outcome of item delivery to users who purchased items through Hive IAP v4. If implementing this API, Hive IAP System transmits the status of item delivery which is required on the Market Voided Purchases Lists to restrict users who abuse the refund policy.

  • Request URL
    Common URL
    Sandbox URL
    HTTP Method POST
    Content-Type text/HTML;charset=utf-8
    Data Format JSON
Field Type Description Required
hiveiap_transaction_id String Send the value of hiveiap_transaction_id responded by Hive IAP v4 Receipt verification Y
result_status Integer Whether success in item delivery or not
0: Delivery failure
1: Delivery success
user_id_type String Hive user type
v0: C2S module (uid)
v1: Auth v1 (vid)
v4: Auth v4 (player_id)
user_id String User ID
If user_id_type is v0, send uid; if v1, send vid; if v4, send player_id
asset Array The delievered item data
Send the value with delivery success, and an empty array ([]) response with delivery failure
asset_id String Item ID N
asset_name String Item name N
quantity Integer The number of delivered item N
game_payload_info Object The received values from game server to use as an additional index of Hive Analytics N
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