The game server can searh the IdP lists connected with games by using the playerID and AppID returned from the game client after successful login. Game implements this API directly to search the lists server to server.

Request includes AppId and PlayerID as essential parameters, and successful Response outputs IdP information through a group of variables under Data in accordance with the number of IdPs connected with PlayerID.

  • Request URL
    Common URL
    Distributed Environment URL
    Sandbox URL
    HTTP Method Post
    Content-Type application/json
    Data Format JSON
  • Request Header
    Field Name Description Type Required
    ISCRYPT Whether data is encrypted (0= not encrypted) Integer Y
    (Always send 0)
  • Request Body
    Field Name Description Type Required
    appid AppID of a game which user signed in String Y
    player_id Returned PlayerID of authentication v4 after sign-in BigInteger Y
    hive_certification_key Hive certification key(Issued by AppCenter) See more String N
  • Request Sample
  • Response Body
    Field Name Description Type Value
    result_code Search result Integer 0
    result_msg Result message String 0
    data JSON
    data.seq Primary key (PK) for player BigInteger 14
    data.player_id PlayerID BigInteger 12
    data.idp_user_id User ID provided by IdP String
    data.idp_index Unique IdP index String
    data.idp_id IdP identifier String HIVE, FACEBOOK …
  • Request Sample
  • Response Sample
  • Result code
    Value Description
    0 Success
    2002 No user data exists
    4000 Invalid parameter
    4002 Hive certification key error
  • idp_index
    idp_index idp_id Description
    0 GUEST Players who did not athenticate IdP
    2 FACEBOOK Facebook
    3 GOOGLE Google (Play Games Services)
    4 QQ QQ
    5 WEIBO Weibo
    6 VK VK
    7 WECHAT WeChat
    8 APPLE Apple Game Center
    9 SIGNIN_APPLE Apple Login
    10 LINE Line
    12 WEVERSE Weverse