HIVE SDK v4.5.0 Update


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.5.0
  • Date: 2017-Dec-5
New Features
  • All
    • [Auth v4] Added QQ to IdP lists available to sync with.
    • Supported login features on Unity simulator. See more
    • [UserEngagement] Added scheme to support in-app purchases through Interwork. See more
      • scheme: interwork, deep link, push
      • Pre-order feature (In case of delivering the pre-ordered item): [scheme]://hive/iappromote?marketpid=[marketpid]
      • Purchase feature (In case of exposing the item purchase popup): [scheme]://hive/iappurchase?marketpid=[marketpid]
Changed Features
  • All
    • [UserEngagement] Upgraded features. See more
      • Added the Event type to see the circumstance of UserEngagement currently operated.
      • Integrated the UserEngagement features to Promotion Class.
      • Deleted initialize(AuthInitializeListener, EngagementListener) API from Auth Class marked as deprecated.
      • Deleted UserEngagement Class added from HIVE SDK v4.3.0.
      • Use setEngagementListener (EngagementListener) API from Promotion Class
      • Changed the content of EngagementEventType and added EngagementEventState.
        • EngagementEventType[Type or state] -> EngagementEventType[Type], EngagementEventState
    • [Promotion] Improved the loading speed of full banner in case full banner to display is more than two. When the currently displaying banner completed to load or closed, the next banner gets request for loading.
    • [Auth v1, v4] Changed how to apply Access Authority Notice for HIVE App as well as its design format for game development company to update the notice. See more
    • [Social-HIVE] Changed to send both PlayerID (Auth v4) and VID (Auth v1) of logged in users when implementing showInquiry() API from AuthV4 Class.
    • [SocialFacebook] Diminished Share API features:
      • Changed to use ContentsURL only for interface and restriction of use in accordance with the feature changes in Share API for Facebook.
      • Deprecated API: postFacebook(SocialFacebookPostContents, PostFacebookListener) API from SocialFacebook Class, SocialFacebookPostContents data from SocialFacebook Class.
      • Added postFacebookWithContentURL (String, PostFacebookListener) API.
    • [Auth v1] Added country code to the condition of agreement on Terms.
      • AS-IS: If a user has agreed on the latest version of Terms in country A, game does not display the Terms again even when user accesses from country B, using earlier version.
      • TO-BE: Changed to check the agreement status and the version of Terms by country regularly to determine the exposure of Terms.
  • Android
    • Improved to use HTTPS protocol for all features.
  • iOS
    • Stopped supporting iOS 7.x considering fewer users due to iOS 11 release.
    • [UA] Deleted the feature of sending cookies since cookie sharing from safari is unavailable on iOS 11.
  • Unity
    • Upgrade HIVE Config Inspector. See more
      • Changed the operation method to prevent damage to HiveConfig.asset file
      • Changed the route of elements saving HiveAppID, FacebookAppID and GooglePlayAppID from HiveConfig.asset file to hive_config.xml file (deleted the previous settings).
      • [Auth v1] Improved to enter and configure the Google Reversed Client ID required to sign in Google+ on iOS.
      • [Auth v4] Improved to enter and configure the Google Server Client ID required to sign in Google Play Games on Android.
      • Added features to configure AppID of additional IdP, QQ.
Bug Fixes
  • All
    • [Auth v1, v4] Fixed not to display agreement screen on Terms when restarting the game after logout.
  • Android
    • [Promotion] Fixed to troubleshoot errors which once exposed warning toast popups, and notify the proper error code when implementing screen display duplicately.
    • Fixed the mismatching status of finished activity and alive app due to app restart right after termination.
    • [Auth v1] Fixed the duplication issue on HIVE SDK caused by the result of modifying the issue 832192 coming on Unity 2017.1.1 and later version to process authentication and further.