HIVE SDK v4.8.0 Update


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.8.0
  • Date: 2018-May-11
New Features
  • All
    • [Promotion] Added new type of custom view which includes navigation controller.
      • Navigation controller supports back/forward/refresh/close (window) function.
      • Colors of the navigation controller is available to change on HIVE Console.
    • [Analytics] Added Singular, a new marketing analysis platform.
Changed Features
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    • [Povisioning] Unified the DID updating conditions and delivery data for Auth v1 and Auth v4.
    • [AuthV4] Changed not to request the agreement on receiving SMS again without sign-in.
    • [Promotion] Added the achievement data which informs achievement state by level if UserAcquisition from AppInvitationCampaign Class is in use.
Bug Fixes
  • Android
    • [Provisioning] Fixed not to close a maintenance popup when user touches out of the popup.
    • [Auth v4] Fixed not to display a toast popup when QQ settings is omitted on the QQ library-added build.
    • [Promotion] Resolved the softkey display error occurred by conflicts of a banner display and an external softkey logic
  • iOS
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Fixed the crash on earlier than iOS 10 when taking a profile picture on the landscape mode-only app built with Unity 2017.3.0 and later.
    • [Analytics/IAP v4] Fixed to send transactionID when using marketing analysis tool.
    • [Analytics/IAP v2] Fixed the error which sends HIVE-IAP transactionID rather than transactionID when using marketing analysis tool.
    • [Auth v4] Fixed the error which sends wrong key for playerID when displaying customer service.