Recommended information on updating the latest version of Hive SDK Manager

Hello. The latest version of Hive SDK Manager (v1.4.1) has been released.
Hive SDK Manager users need to update to Hive SDK Manager 1.4.1.

Since older versions of the existing SDK Manager do not support the version notation method that has changed since SDK v4 22.0.0, automatic updating of some SDKs may be difficult.

Therefore, to automatically update to Hive SDK v4 22.0.0 or higher, we recommend updating to Hive SDK Manager v1.4.1 with the Hive SDK version compatibility patch applied.

For your information, Hive SDK Manager 1.4.1 improves the convenience of SDK upgrades and integrity verification, allowing you to enjoy a more intuitive user interface.
To download Hive SDK Manager 1.4.1 and see detailed changes, click the release notes below.

Release Notes