Hive IAP v4 is a payment module that enables you to respond quickly to the growing market and implement the payment system with less development time. Examples of what Hive IAP v4 supports include verifying a receipt, confirming duplicated payment, and sending payment logs.

Hive IAP v4 Overview

Hive IAP v4 helps you to:

  • Develop payment system on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, ONE Store and Hive Lebi Store with a single API.
  • Calculate VAT in accordance with currency and then send the data when game requests item information.
  • Provides Market PID list registered on data system in sales through Hive SDK.
  • Send payment logs of games to Hive Analytics v2 when game client requests receipt verification of games to Hive IAP v4 server.
  • Carry out purchase based on a Market PID.
  • Gather logs in the process of pre-purchase (when tapping purchase), purchase (after purchase), and post purchase (after calling finish) to clarify the current status of purchase as well as verification process.
  • Hive IAP v4 purchases items, verifies receipts, sends logs. Sending item is managed by game server.

Purchase Process with Hive IAP v4

Flowchart to Sync with Hive IAP v4