Planet Explore is a sample game app that was developed with applying the Hive SDK. The authentication, settings, campaign, event, billing, and notification features provided by the Hive SDK have been applied. If you download the file below, you can check the source code for reference when applying the Hive SDK for your project. Experience the latest features of Hive by playing the game samples yourself.

Date of release Download Game Engine
2024-04-15 PlanetExplore Hive SDK v4 Unity®
2023-01-25 Unity®
2022-01-20 Unity®
2021-08-04 Unity®
2020-12-16 Unity®
2020-07-13 Unity®
2019-11-18 Unity®
2019-10-08 Unity®
2019-07-03 Unity®
2019-03-20 Unity®
2018-11-20 Unity®
2018-09-04 Unity®
2018-07-13 Unity®


Launching Planet Explore in the official market!
Planet Explore, a sample game composed of HIVE SDK features is officially launched in Korea and Australia on November 2019.

Browse Planet Explore or click the following link to download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Whenever HIVE releases new version of SDK v4, the official app is updated as well.

So, are you ready to play? Download and enjoy your expedition!