Hive AdKit for ADOP (hereinafter, AdKit for ADOP) is an advertisement module that uses ADOP‘s API and develops by following the guideline from ADOP. Using AdKit with Hive SDK, log data is sent to Hive Analytics server so that you can skip analyzing an advertisement.

This guide explains how to implement AdKit for ADOP with Cocos C++ so that the Hive SDK user uses ADOP under the c++ development environment. AdKit for ADOP with C++ is able to run on the iOS and Android platforms, and you can see how to set for each on this page.


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Development Environment

  • Minimum Supported Versions
    • Hive SDK v4.15.0 or higher
    • Hive SDK v1.19.0 or higher
    • Hive C2S.19.0 or higher
    • For Android OS, Android SDK 19
    • For iOS OS, iOS 11
  • This guide is based on the following development environment:

    • Cocos2dx 3.17.2
    • Xcode 13.1
        –   CocoaPod 1.10.2 or higher
    • Development environment supporting Android SDK 30 build
        –   JDK 8
        –   Android SDK API 30
        –   Android Platform build-tool 30.0.3
    • Uses AndroidX libraries. Projects not on AndroidX should migrate to AndroidX.

Release Notes

V1.0.0 (Dec 6, 2021)
  • Distributed Hive AdKit for ADOP