Hive AdKit for ADOP (hereinafter referred to as AdKit for ADOP) uses ADOP’s API and has been developed in accordance with the ADOP development guide. By using AdKit for ADOP with Hive SDK or as an individual module, logs are sent to the Hive Analytics server, allowing the omission of separate advertising analysis tasks.


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Development Environment

  • Minimum Supported Versions
    • Hive SDK v4.15.0 or higher
    • Hive SDK v1.19.0 or higher
    • Hive C2S.19.0 or higher
    • Minimum supported version for Android is Android SDK 21.
  • This guide is based on the following development environment:
    • Development environment supporting Android SDK 33 build
      • JDK 8
      • Android SDK API 33
      • Android Platform build-tool 33.0.0
      • Gradle 7.2
    • Uses AndroidX libraries. Migration is needed for non-AndroidX projects.
  • Android
    • Building with Android Studio 4.2 or higher is recommended.

Release Notes


  • Updated to use ADOPAndroid 3.9.0.
  • Updated the development environment.



  • Internal logic changed according to interface change.
  • Added the AppOpen ad type.

ADOP library versions (As of AdKit v1.4.4)

  • ADOP Library
    • ADOPLibraryAndroid:com.adop.sdk:bidmadandroidx 3.6.0
    • ADOPLibraryAndroid:ad.helper.openbidding:admobobh 3.6.0
    • ADOPLibraryAndroid:com.adop.adapter.fc:fcNetworkadapter 3.6.0
    • ADOPLibraryAndroid:com.adop.adapter.fnc:fncNetworkadapter 3.6.0