Hive Price Tier is a menu to set the payment amount per currency in PG payment of Crossplay. Registration is required to service at the same product price as in the mobile market, and setting for each game is not available. Tiers set for each company apply to the company’s entire crossplay game.

  • When you are providing services to a country without a currency included in the Hive Pricing Tier
    • Terminal 3 – Paid as USD amount registered on the Hive Price Tier
    • Xsolla – Paid as the currency chosen by users. The amount paid in that currency equals the price listed in the Hive Pricing Tier.
      In compliance with Xsolla’s policy, some payment methods may be accepted in USD instead of the user’s preferred currency.

① This is a tab to register and check the tier.
② This is a tab to check the tier change history.
③ Move the focus to the selected tier position.
④ After checking a currency, click Delete Selected to delete all tiers of the currency.
⑤ Download the tier registration template and ⑥ upload it as CSV.
⑦ Edit the registration for each tier.

Register Tiers with CSV

Download the CSV template and fill out the form by following the example below.

Tier 템플릿 작성 방법

① 1~무한대까지 정수를 입력합니다.

② 사용하는 통화를 입력합니다.

③ 통화별 티어 금액을 숫자만 입력합니다.

CSV 업로드버튼을 클릭하면 등록 팝업이 노출됩니다.

안내 문구를 확인 후 템플릿파일을 업로드 후 저장합니다.

Register individual Tier

Click the Tier management button to see the Tier management pop-up.

If there is a previously registered value when selecting a tier, all currency amounts of that tier are loaded. You can directly edit the amount of the imported currency, but you cannot delete them individually.