Game management is a menu for version control of game update files.

Download Settings

When an update file is uploaded to CDN using an exclusive tool, it is automatically registered in the uploaded file list. Install or update to the previous version, change the version status from standby to review, and then update the game.

  • Check for Hive game player errors during game update.
  • Check whether the game works normally when starting the game.
  • Compare the game pool client updated with the local Hive game player or winmerge tool (or any other tool) and the original full client (the one you have in your game studio).
  • When installing a game, the most recent released version among the files being distributed is installed first, and then the version update proceeds in order.

  • Preparing to distribute: The distribution date is not set.
  • Pending for Distribution: The distribution date has been set, but the distribution date has not yet been set.
  • Distributing: The distribution start date has passed. If it is changed to distribution, you can no longer set review, change the distribution date, or delete it.
  • Distribution date undecided: It is a state that the distribution has not yet been decided.
  • Under Review: This is when the review setting is ON regardless of the distribution status. If it’s set to “Under Review”, you can check it in advance from the test IP before the release date.
  • Review settings are only exposed in the Preparing to distribute and Pending for Distribution status. If you change the review setting to OFF after the distribution date, distribution will start immediately.

Game Installation Folder Name Settings

  • You need to designate the folder name in which the game will be installed on the user’s PC. Only English, numbers, spaces, and special characters ( _, -) can be used for proper installation even in multilingual OS.
  • If you do not enter a folder name, the folder will be created with the game index number. Be sure to set the folder name first.
  • The folder name can be modified. The name is only applied when the game is installed, so the name of the folder already installed on the user’s PC will not be changed.
  • When you check Apply All, the folder name for each game is set. When it’s unchecked, the folder name can be set for each App ID.

Test IP Management

Select a game, enter the period of use, IP, and username, and click the Save button to register. Register a public IP (recommended) or a private IP.

Launcher promotion area URL

The launcher promotion area loads the game’s representative image registered on the Hive web. However, depending on the game, the area can be configured as a web page and exposed. If there is no web page to be exposed, the game representative image will be shown, so please make sure to register the game representative image.

[Web page requirements]

  • Display area size: 608×342 px (scroll is created when the size is bigger than the set size)
  • Can be displayed in iframe (without GET method request parameter)
  • Does not display cookie-use functions such as login (not supported)
  • Does not display functions such as file download (not supported)
  • Multilingual support: Multilingual support according to browser language setting with one URL or by making each URL for each language
  • Handle all links on the page to be displayed in an external browser: Use“url”)

How to register a promotional webpage

Click the Register button to go to the registration page.

Enter the information referring to the description below and click Save.

  • Game: Select a game to register.
  • Management name: This is used for console verification and will not be exposed to users.
  • Exposure period: Set the period to expose the webpage. You cannot set a period that overlaps with the previously registered content. If there are no more web pages to expose after the exposure period is over, the representative image is exposed.
  • Default language: The default language set in the App Center is selected automatically.
  • Status: Default setting is ‘Expose’.
  • URL: Enter the page address for each language.

Download log history

This is a menu where you can check basic logs related to crossplay game installation.

  • Date and Time
    • Initial installation/reinstallation: Time of clicking the OK button in the game installation folder window when a game is installed through Hive Game Player
    • Update: Time when the update was completed
    • Execution: Time of clicking the game start button in Hive Game Player
    • Download: Time of clicking the game installation file download button on a web page, etc.
  • Category
    • Initial installation: When there is no previous installation history after clicking the OK button in the game installation folder window
    • Reinstallation: A log of clicking the OK button in the game installation folder window. Including the case of continuing installation in a state that was not completed during the previous installation
    • Update: When the update is complete
    • Execution: A log of clicking the game start button
    • Download: A log of clicking the game installation file download button on a web page, etc.
  • Download Patch
    • Web social:
    • UA information page
    • UE Coupon: Information page through coupon deep link
    • Shortcut: Execute Launcher
    • Others: Brand sites built by the game studio and others included
  • Version
    • Display the update version if an error occurs during the update

Patch Exception Path

This is a menu to set the folder to skip update processing of crossplay game builds. To check the registered path, select the game and AppID in order and click Search.

Click the Register button to register the patch exception path.

  • Caution
    • Be sure to enter in relative path format. The final form of a relative path must end with /.
    • Example
      Game installation folder path C:/Program Files/Hive/gametitle
      Game bundle absolute path C:/Program Files/Hive/gametitle/game/game_Data/StreamingAssets/bundles
      Bundle relative path to register game/game_Data/StreamingAssets/bundles/
    • If the path changes according to the version, it is applied from that version. For example, if the path is changed in v2, it is applied as changed info when updating to v2.
    • The version being distributed cannot have the patch modified or deleted.