At the time of initialization, Hive SDK expose Terms of Service (“Terms”) that are appropriate for the country determined by the user’s access IP and game development company automatically. Even so, the game should provide links for Terms and Privacy Policy to all users regardless of consent to Terms and Privacy Policy. If you use the link provided by Hive, the proper Terms and Policy are automatically selected to expose to users depending on the setting on Hive Console. The regulations how to indicate a link of Terms and Policy are different by game development company.

  • Example screen of terms

To display Terms of Service when click the button or link, call showTerms() method of Auth class. Followings are sample codes.


API Reference: hive.Auth.showTerms


API Reference: Auth:showTerms


API Reference: com.hive.Auth.showTerms


API Reference: HIVEAuth:showTerms


Hive for New Corporate

From Hive SDK v4.11.4, any game company can use Hive platform. Hive had serviced GAMEVIL and Com2uS only. However, the global game platform, Hive is now available to new corporates.

Available Resources

When a new corporate publishes a game with Hive platform, following resources are available to modify.

  • With Unity engine
    1. Build your project on the engine, and then create an asset catalog (.xcassets) on your Xcode project.
    2. Save your company logo in the asset catalog, and attach the logo on Terms of Service or Permission notice popup.
    3. Make sure to comply with the following rules to set the name and size of your company’s logo file.
    • File name: auth_terms_logo
    • File size: 99*18

    • Example screen of Xcode