Users need to sign up Hive to utilize the convenient member management functions provided by Hive.

Hive suggests ways to encourage users to join Hive as follows.

Encourage Hive Login in Tutorial

Provide a Hive login button within a tutorial that allows new users to learn how to play the game or to enjoy the game without having to log in. If the user who has already completed the tutorial wants to change the device or re-install the game and then go through the tutorial to log in to the game, it will be very inconvenient.

  • Game title before tutorial
  • Tutorial page

Notifying Caution after the First Login as Guest

If a user logs in as a guest and play the game, the user’s game data is lost when the game is deleted or the device is changed. Therefore, you should inform users about the possibility of data loss and encourage users to sign up Hive as following.

  • Inform precautions of guest login at the first login as a guest
  • Guest Logins does not guarantee game data; if the game is deleted, so is data
  • Hive Login saves play data on server, so it remains after game deletion
  • Hive Login is available to access numerous devices
  • User is available to change login status from a guest to Hive member on the menu of game settings while playing game
  • Give user a choice of account selection, Guest Login or Hive Login on the notification screen

Use clear expressions such as Guest Login, Hive Login for easy choice. Yes/No option may cause confusion.

Displaying Benefits of Hive Login on Game Settings Menu

If a guest user starts the game, login button is in the menu of game settings. Notify a reward for the first Hive sign-in, and then give the rewards when the user signs up or logs in Hive.

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Informing Hive Sign-up to Guest User

While playing the game as a guest, let users know the way to sign up Hive in the following situation.

  • When completing tutorial
  • When entering Hive Profile
  • When utilizing Hive Friends function