• Logs related to analytics user indicators.
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Log Name Table Descriptions Log occurred time
hive_login_log A table that contains the login information of users who have successfully authenticated with Hive When logging in after user authentication via the Hive authentication function has been completed
hive_user_entry_log A table that stores information about each section until the user reaches the game interface after launching the game Time to access each section, including new installation, terms and conditions agreement, additional download, login, etc
hive_quit_log A log generated when a withdrawal request occurs within the game. It stores information regarding the user’s withdrawal request and completion. The point at which a user requests a withdrawal or when a withdrawal is completed within the game.
hive_au_download_log A table that stores download information when a game is downloaded through the Hive provisioning function after the terms and conditions agreement interface When to agree to the terms after downloading
hive_concurrent_user_log A table receives and stores connection information from clients using the Hive SDK every two minutes
※When the ‘Minimize Network Communication’ option is activated in the Hive console, collection does not occur.
Logs are sent every 2 minutes following login.