Contact List

Select My Inquiries or Language Tab

You can see a list of inquiries that have been assigned to you or by language (depending on the level of the Service Rep, you’ll be able to check all inquiries or inquiries in your language only). On the top of all tabs, you can see the status of the inquiries distributed to you.


Search Setup

Search the Inquiry by setting up the game, language, category, date, and etc.

1) Condition: You can select inquiries by language (shown only in My Inquiries), game, language, category, and issue. You can select game or category at once using the category code.

2) Route: You can select inquiries by route such as in-game, mobile, PC, exclusive app, etc.
ⓐ Urgency Inquiries : You can choose to view urgent inquiries only. Urgency Inquiries will have an “Urgent Order_” mark on the left of the user ID in the list of inquiries. (Urgent Order : 1>2>3>4>5>0)

ⓑ COPPA : You can choose to view inquiries regarding the COPPA only. These inquiries will have a “COPPA” mark on the right of title in the list of inquiries.

3) Period: 1 month is selected as a standard and you can select a date on the calander or use the Yesterday, Today, 1 Week Buttons to select a period.
4) Status: Received, in process is selected as a standard.
5) Search word: You can enter all, ID, title, content, etc. as the search word.

Change Inquiry Info / Other Functions

1) Change Service Rep: You can change the Service Rep of the inquiry that you received.

2) Change category:

2-1) You can change the category through code search or code selection in the category change pop-up.

2-2) Or, select the inquiry you want to change and change it through the category change area within the detailed inquiry.

3) Change company/language: You can move the inquiry to the Com2uS or Gamevil’s inquiry category or change the language tab only. Please make sure to don’t leave any inquiries unattended since the inquiry will be delivered with no PIC when the company/language is changed.

4) Reply All: Manager exclusive function used to select multiple inquiries and reply at once.

5) Delete All: Manager exclusive function used to delete multiple inquiries at once.
6) Sort settings: Set up to sort by the received date as a standard and can be changed to completion date, etc.
7) No. of inquiry settings: Set up to 50 as a standard and can be changed.
8) Download: You can download the searched list of inquiries as an excel file.
9) Status: You can check the status after the inquiry has been received.

  • Received: The inquiry has been received
  • In progress: The Service Rep has viewed the inquir
  • Reply Complete: The Service Rep has entered a reply.
  • Deleted: The Service Rep or the user has deleted the inquiry.

View Inquiry Details / Write Response

You can check the user info and content of the inquiry and write a reply.

Check User / Device Info

1) ID: You can send a message to the user or leave a review and view the total search info by clicking on the ID.
2) UID, VID : Click to view the total search info

3) DID: The Service Rep can enter the info when the ID and the UID is unavailable and the entered info can’t be modified. The inquiry won’t show up in the user’s “My Inquiries” if the Service Rep entered a voluntary ID and UID.

4) Email : You can view the total search info or modify the e-mail address.

Check Inquiry Content

Check the inquiry content and write a memo.

1) Inquiry Details: Check the inquiry content written by the user. Please delete images with private information. (recommended)
2) Inquiry change history: You can check this when the inquiry info has been changed or when the Service Rep has left a memo.
3) Service Rep memo: Enter an opinion on the inquiry or user info.

Write Response

Enter the reply to the user inquiry.

1) Send e-mail reply: You can send a reply via e-mail if the user logged in with Hive to send the inquiry. Please note that you can’t send images.
2) Template: You can select a template or search the template code to load the content of a registered reply. Please register a template if you can’t find what you need.

3) Send SMS: The SMS page will show up as a pop-up
4) Header/footer: The header and the footer of the game that the inquiry was sent from will be exposed as a standard. Please register a header and a footer if it’s not registered.
5) Reply: The Service Rep can enter the repry to the inquiry.
6) Attachment: You can attach 1 image as an attachment.
7) The issue registered by the manager in the manager settings will be exposed.
8) Category: The category of the inquiry will be shown as a standard and it can be changed.
9) Preview: You can preview the registered inquiry and reply in mobile/PC size.
10) Complete: Click on the complete button to register the reply.