Introduction to Hive Cross-promotion

Games equipped with the Hive SDK can expose ads to each other and earn revenue based on advertisement impressions.

All ads are exposed to game users, and you get the maximum efficiency for the amount spent.

Additionally, since Hive customers execute the ads, there is no risk of inappropriate ads being exposed or appearing in unverified games.

Anyone can easily register and manage ads through the Hive console. Promote your game through Hive Cross-promotion.


Hive Cross-promotion Ad Space

The Hive Cross-promotion ads are exposed in the “cross full banner” shown when running the game.

These ads aim to promote game installations or pre-registrations and direct users to the app store.

If you provide installation rewards, you can encourage installation by adding information about the rewards to the banner image.

Vertical Game Ad Space Horizontal Game Pre-registration Ad Space


Advertising Execution Process

  1. Enter the necessary information for your ad, including ad goal, bidding prices, targeting information, banner images, etc.
  2. Registering ads is carried out in the following order: Campaigns > Ad Sets > Ad.
    Only approved ads can be exposed.
  3. Ads are exposed to users who match the targeting information set by the advertiser.
  4. Ongoing ads are managed continuously.
    You can increase the budget or extend the exposure period for efficient ads, and if advertisement execution needs to be stopped, you can take down advertisements through simple settings.