HIVE SDK v4.6.0 Update


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.6.0
  • Date: 2018-Feb-05
New Features
  • All
    • [Auth v4] Added VK and WeChat to IdP (Identity Provider) lists
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Added the feature for restricted users to move to 1:1 Inquiry page through provided URL
    • [Analytics] Added an option that controls the function of TUNE; sending Facebook Event always
Changed Features
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    • [ResultAPI] Added detailed error codes because the existing codes were not easy to distinguish the situations of errors occurred
    • [IAP v4] The receipt was sent with the existing callback when implementing Purchase(), Restore() method from IAPV4 Class, however, HIVE SDK itself collects and provides the parameters needed for server receipt verification API, so it is changed for each studio to use the API easily
    • [Promotion] Changed to send advertising identifiers such as DID, IDFA (iOS) and Advertising ID (Android) to utilize as matching keys as well as UID-based matching to expand the target of CPA (to HIVE membership users, IdP-synced users and guest users)
Bug Fixes
  • Android
    • [Auth v4] Fixed not to send error callback twice in case of implementing connect method from AuthV4 Class on the devices for Android M(6.0) and later when network disconnected
    • [Promotion] Fixed not to display portrait banners on some tablet or emulator based on the landscape mode
    • [IAP v4] Fixed to call callback method when implementing marketConnect() method from IAPV4 Class
    • [IAP v2/IAP v4] Fixed an error that disappears payment popup and makes the game stay in the status of purchase in progress when playing the game after running in background with the exposure of the payment popup
  • iOS
    • [Provisioning] Fixed not to use DID from the backed-up device when restoring a device by iCloud Backup function
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Fixed not to scroll down popups when Client exposes the mass of contents in the popup
    • [Auth v4] Fixed an error unavailable to sync with QQ Login