The Release of Hive SDK 4.22.0

We distribute Hive SDK 4.22.0 that brings the access to the third party marketing attribution (Singular, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Firebase) ad sales, in-app update (Android), pending purchase (Amazon, Apple), and other various improvements.
Away from the features described above, Hive SDK release policy is now grounded on from “game engine” to “game engine and OS”, and consequently the structure of the release note, download, past release, and crossplay section of the developer guide are changed.

  • The contents of the Crossplay guide were split and merged into Authentication, Billing (including Hive Server API), Hercules, Set up SDK, and Promotion pages, titled as “Windows.”
  • The term Crossplay itself was changed to “Windows.”
  • The existing Crossplay guide now only guides how to use Crossplay Launcher.

For more details about Hive SDK 4.22.0 and the change in the developer guide, click the release note link below.

Release Note