HIVE SDK v4.11.7 Released


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.11.7
  • Date: 2019-Jun-14
New Features
  • All
    • [Promotion] Available to customize the sharing feature which is required for User Acquisition service.
      • Supported SNS: Kakao Talk, LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat
Changed Features
  • All
    • Redesigned HIVE UI.
    • [Promotion] Changed to transmit all parameters when using User Engagement service.
    • [Analytics] Deleted PartyTrack from the list of marketing attribution tool due to a shutdown of its service.
    • [Analytics] Changed to transmit additional parameters when sending purchase logs by using Singular.
  • Android
    • Changed to support the cut-out type on Android P and later version of devices resolution for image resources in HIVE SDK. Changed for permission notice, full banner and custom webview to support pad or tablet UI.

    • Changed to support the resolution of cut-out design for Android P.
    • Changed to support the resolution of multi window in split screen for Android Q.
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4/Promotion] Supported the separated Activity for hardware acceleration of all UI using webview.
    • [AuthV4Helper/ProviderGoogle] Changed to send the result of achievement and leaderboard usage from Google Play Games Services.
Bug Fixes
  • Android
    • [Promotion] Upgraded UX to respond when user taps Back button on the device.
      • Supported Go back feature on webview format window.
      • Supported to close the dialog box if no more pages exist to go back.
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Fixed an error that the response to requestPermissionVeiwData() method skips the common contents used for customizing permission notice popup.
    • Fixed not to occur StackOverflowError error from the TLSOnlySocketFactory class if Google Play is not installed on Android devices with earlier than 5.0.
      • Occurred with HIVE SDK v4.11.2 and later.
  • iOS
    • [Auth v4] Fixed to send the profile data after recieving the result of upload completion if user signs in your game for the first time.
    • [Plugin/Unity] Fixed to sign in with Facebook for Unity 2018.3 and later version.
    • [Auth v4] Fixed not to display contacts from the default items of permission notice.